Zero Calories-Zero Sugar

Suntown Sparkling infuses the perfect amount of CBD to provide a feeling of relaxation and focus. By micronizing and suspending the CBD in water it allows for better and faster absorption than standard hemp oil.  We partnered directly with the CBD Source to ensure quality and purity and make sure you are getting the full 10mg by testing our cans by a third-party.

 Infused with Locally Sourced CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring substance from the chemical compound made from the Cannabid sativa plant. Suntown Sparkling uses locally sourced CBD Crystal.  CBD is  often used in a variety of products including oils, edibles and beverages because of its natural ability to reduce stress and anxiety.  CBD is not psychoactive and should not be confused with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the major active ingredient found in marijuana. 

Suntown Sparkling 

Monthly Subscription

We now offer a monthly subscription. Get a case (24) of either Citra, Tropic, or Mix delivered right to your door with free shipping! Only available for Denver Metro Area. Sign up by clicking the link below.  


Naturally flavored sparkling water with lemon and citrus notes, infused with hemp extracted CBD. Crisp, light, and refreshing, this will satisfy your thirst with zero sugar, sodium, or THC.

Certificate of Analysis



 Made with a unique full-spectrum hemp strain called Spec7, Tropic has notes of coconut and lime flavor resulting in a complex taste with a refreshing finish. Zero sugar, sodium, and calories. 

 Certificate of Analysis

300 days of sunshine and

all day happy hour


Lime, coconut, and hemp terpenes

  • 4 pack and 24 packs available
  • Free delivery in Denver


Crisp, Light, Refreshing

  • 4 pack and 24 packs available
  • Free delivery in Denver


Mix Case

12 of Citra and 12 of Tropic with free delivery in Denver area

  • $59.99

where to find

  • Argonaut Liquors
  • Molly’s Wine and Spirits
  • Hugo’s, Tipsy’s Liquor World
  • Davidson’s Liquor
  • DaveCo
  • and many other liquor stores around Colorado

we deliver!

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We deliver to most of the Denver metro areas! Order a case and we’ll deliver straight to your door. Not sure if you’re too far? Shoot us an email to find out. 




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